Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Nya~Tired *yawns*

Nya! today as usual,woke up at 6+ prepare to start my day at stuck in the jam and can't really sleep as i just can't sleep.Something is bothering me and i can't tell what -_-ll I'm goin nuts i suppose.Neway nothing much happen today as u all know i'm a boring person ^-^ or cat for that matter..The picture above is taken by yours truly in Genting.^-^nice view of clouds rite? It's so 'chun' We were up there....oh...wait a minute...u kw the temple that its' there on the way up to genting...yup yup we were there and there were still renovation goin we drop by to have a look...and the view there is just breathtaking..and when we were on the way back to K.L we have a glimpse on the sunset....It's so beautiful...Unfortunately i don't have a vry good camera to capture the view.... :'( so sad...PC Fair coming soon...shall see if i can get a better quality camera, then i can snap sum nice pic with all of u on our next outing ya (u kw who u are) ^-^ N guys save money ya....I feel like organising a trip for us...i can get sum adults to volunteer ^-^so no worries about no guardian or wat-so-ever,ok?Hmm...that's about it...will drop by again 2moro.. ^-^

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