Thursday, March 22, 2007

-_-ll Finish work...i suppose

Nya~! Hello again? How's ur day today? Mine is just plain...usual ..nothin unusual..wake up go for breakfast then to work then lunch then....bla bla...same cycle...2day i had lunch in this italian restaurant near my office 'porto romano'if i''m not mistaken..the food there is nice..i would have eaten more if my stomach was not feeling like it's goin to burst...been having stomach upsets recently...-_-ll and not to mention the stupid headache that keeps coming back! Hmm...Rye,If u want to hv the trip on...i need every 2 agree to it and let me know u guy's schedule as to when is your holidays and stuff in order to plan, i need all this it won't clash with sumthing important. And i need a list of ppl who can make it....who's in and who's out u see....hmm..see la...when i'm free send every1 a mass email ^-^ For now let me introduce all of u to my dream hubby ^-^hahahah...Just my dreams he'll be my friend...not to mention husband...The guy in the pic! U-Know Jung YunHo..a strong leader of the k-pop group that i like Dong Bang Shin Ki;Tohoshinki ^-^ he's a nice guy,has great voice,and great dance move, not too mention a nice attitude...^-^ and his smile can kill -_-ll died a lot of time liao....ñya....And i like his pair of eye the most...It's like it can speak for u can imagine when he sing all the ballads, my heart just stops....^-^I feel like I've just bcome his marketing manager...ahahahaha.....^-^ok..i suppose tht's all for today-_-ll ...let's see probably i shall promote Micky Yoochun 2moro..hahahaha ...TTFN

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