Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Suprise party = D

Today my friends and I had a suprise party for Lynn & Sam ... Wow! It was so much fun. Early in the morning I had an interview for a job then to Fi's house to cook then had dinner and after dinner RED WINE! much fun... WE are capable of EXTREME WILDNESS...hahahah^-^ we dance and much fun...I think every1 was quite high.! Lynn din drink though...she cannot stand the smell.~nya. She had to run up to the washroom a few times to wash her face....^-^ And Julz....*wack my own forehead* gulps down half of my cup and start goin so high...she did it in one go..... -_-ll's Fun and WILD! hahahah^-~ got to go, hit the bed. ^-^ Oyasuminasai.

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