Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I'm Free!yay! ^-^

Yay! at last,SPM is over for me.! Accounts paper today is pretty easy i think. Majority of it I know how to answer,even if i don't there are choices for me to play around with.Afterall it is an objective paper...^-^ I'm very tired today...I left my house at 12 and I'm back home at 10.15pm at night. I did not get to do much today,i just finish some drawings which s**ks so badly... :p whatever it is.I'm happy that SPM is over.! yippe! Nyah~ 4 more days,ART competition. :'( what to do.? My drawing ~ nyah....speak no more...hahahaha....a lil too dramatic today ~nyah. to go to bed,have to wake up early tommorow~nyah....Zzzzzz~nya.

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